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Most Asked Questions
Data is billed differently abroad compared to Canada. If you subscribe to a plan with data, the plan does not apply when outside of Canada. Data usage charges will incur when smartphone customers roam outside of Canada unless data is turned off on the device. If data is not turned off, even if you do nothing, applications will continue to update in the back end, and you will incur incidental charges.
What is my activation date?
The day that your services is connected to the Network. This is typically not the first day of the bill cycle.

What is my bill cycle?
The bill cycle runs for one month until the bill date. If your bill cycle is on the 9th of each month, the first day of the bill cycle is the 9th and runs until the end of the 8th of the coming month. The payment due date for this cycle would be the 27th.

How am I billed?
Monthly service fees are billed in advance for the coming month. Your usage charges are billed in arrears on the following bill. Your monthly bill can be conveniently charged to your credit card on the payment due date of each month. You will also receive a statement detailing your monthly wireless charges, including any overage charges.

Why is my first bill higher than expected?
As we bill in advance, there may be partial charges on your first bill. This takes into account the dates between your activation date and your bill cycle date. You will end up seeing charges for two different date ranges; one for advanced billing and one for prorated charges. Future invoices will only include one month's worth of charges.

How are prorated charges calculated?
This charge is equal to the monthly plan amount prorated by the number of days from activation until the next bill cycle.
Call customer care and we will check whether your number is eligible for transferring, free of charge. If it is, we will start the process of transferring. You can select the plan and phone combination that’s right for you.
Yes, you can make some changes in your plan. Contact us to know what options are available to you.

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